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N 550 AC

Lone Star 1

The Glasair Super II - RG is a kit built aircraft. It features superb performance with
remarkable top end speeds, side by side two-place seating, lightweight
fiberglass composite construction, low total fabrication time, and
simple step by step construction procedures.

The Glasair combines utility coupled with efficiency and performance,
providing surprising rough field capabilities, sport aerobatics, good
range, ample baggage space, light responsive controls, and gentle flight

My final selection was a Glasair Super II - RG with slotted flaps, standard
wingtips, and the wing & fuselage Jumpstart options.

The making of "Lone Star 1" - a Glasair Super II - RG.

The engine is a zero time Superior XP - IO - 360 - B1-AA2 with forward facing induction and Raven Inverted Oil System.

Mounting Engine and Hartzell "Blended Airfoil" Propeller.

Propeller design was done by me and painted by American Propeller.

Prepping for paint!

My dream panel, Chelton Sierra Sport with Grand Rapids EIS 4000 engine monitor which can be brought up on either Chelton screen. For back-up attitude indicator the DYNON EFIS D-10 with Battery back-up. The avionics are as follows: Intercom is a PS Engineering PCD 7100-I   World's only aircraft CD/MP3 player with built in IntelliVOX intercom, a Garmin 530 NAV/COMM/GPS with Moving Map, Garmin G-106A VOR/ILS/GS/GPS CDI, Garmin SL-40 for the #2 COMM, Garmin GTX-330 Mode S Transponder, TruTrak Sorcerer AS Autopilot, and  WSI - AV-100 Weather Data Link System

This is how it turned out!!!!

And this is what it looks like when working in the air ....

Wings Mounted and setting on the gear!!!

Lone Star paint scheme designed by me !!!!!

First shot of color - prior to Clear Coat!!!!

Final Job with Clear Coat !!!!!!!

FINAL ASSEMBLY. After checking and rechecking all nuts, bolts and safety wire. She finally came back together for the last time. The Final Conditional Check was performed and signed-off!

Now for Weight and Balance. She Weighed In a Slim 1347 pounds.

And before her first flight - a final gear extension and retraction test was performed, as well as practicing several times the Emergency Gear Extension Procedure.

HER FIRST RUN-UP. Taxi Tests were OK. There is a problem right now with braking! A shimmy has developed. HOWEVER, we are tracking the problem down!!!

FIRST FLIGHT - FINALLY!!!! Temperatures were a little high. Two holes have been cut on the bottom of the cowl to help with air flow and lowered temperatures over 50 degrees.

PHOTO AFTER THE FIRST 40 HOURS !!! PHEW!!! Some issues with the Chelton Sport and RF problems exist when keying the mike. TruTrak autopilot is not working at all. Garmin 530 is working GREAT!!!! Have not tried WSI yet! Next on the punch list is balancing the Hartzell Blended Airfoil!!!


Testing the envelope ... Over the top ... Rock N' Roll !!!!

First Air Show - Midland CAF - 1 Oct 05

Midland - Flying High Cover - What a View !!!!


The Zero Gets It in the End - AGAIN !!!!!


Engine:  Superior XP-IO-360-B1-AA2
Horsepower:  180
Propeller:  Hartzell Blended Airfoil Constant-Speed

Maximum Speed: 222 knots @ sea level
Cruise Speed @ 75% power:  192 knots @ 8,000 ft
Stall speed at gross, full slotted flaps: 51 knots Dirty - 62 knots Clean

Service Ceiling: 19,000 ft
Takeoff Distance: 800 ft
Landing Distance: 800 ft
Rate of Climb (gross): 1700 fpm
Maximum Range @ 55% power: 1200 nm (std fuel)
Empty Weight: 1347 lbs
Gross Weight: 2100 lbs
Useful Load: 850 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 51 gal (std.)

Cabin Width: 42 in
Overall Length: 20.7 ft
Height: 6.8 ft
Wingspan: 23.3 ft
Wing Area: 81.3 sq ft
Wing Loading: 25.8 lbs/sq ft
"G" Loading (utility): +6, -4 (at aerobatic gross weight)


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