Sand Dollar Hideaway

at Shanna's Cove on Cat Island


This is an aerial view of Shannas Cove on Cat Island, Bahamas           The far left of photo is where our lot is located, next to the 2 houses


Front of lot look East ... Front of house will be as close to Coconut Tree    Boat is at the back of the lot ..... Two back Palms might have to go!!!


Front of lot with view of the ocean ... Facing West .....                Beach View back to house ... you can bare see the boat! Pine Tree will GO!


Front South West Corner of lot ... Looking back at Neighbor's House        Another East View of lot .... Again Pine Will Go!!!!!!!


Water View coming up to Shannas Cove .. Lot to the right of Beach House        We got out boat over in February .....


Got our Blazer over as well .... Off with the Texan Plates .................                and on with the Bahaman Plates .....................

This Page is devoted to the Construction of Sand Dollar Hideaway at Cat Island

Here is the initial layout for the house!   Each Square is approximately two (2) feet.  Larger View at Bottom of Page!!!


Sand Dollar Escape at Cat Island

Shane and Johnny –

Thanks for the help with this …. Here is a summary of our thoughts …

The lot size is 75 wide X 90 deep.

House layout is 32 X 52 … prior to deck?  Maximum recorded surge during a hurricane was 6 ½ feet. Looking at cinderblock construction with adobe finish. Plan on a large cistern underneath … 12,000 to 17,000 gallons???

The front faces west, ocean view – back where the kitchen is east. We would like to have as much of a view as possible facing west … thinking 6/0 doors and windows next to the doors, both in living area as well as master bedroom. Outside walls should be 10 feet to start with high vaulted ceiling inside. For airflow, the inside walls we have seen were like 7 to 8 feet tall – not going to the ceiling. My only concern is the bathrooms and privacy?

If you can angle front (ocean side) living area a little, like attached “B” floor plan – that would be OK!!! Then a Deck on Guest bedroom side starting at Bedroom #3 coming around to the front and ending on the Master Bedroom side just past the 6/0 door??? Front and rear entry much like the Design of attached “B” plan….

Master Bedroom – on left wall thinking of closet running approximately ten feet …. Then taking 8 feet of the remaining wall in the living area as built-in. 

Master bath will have a walk-in shower with commode next to it with “bar room” type doors. 

Laundry Room will have room for pantry and storage … washer and dryer … and have hot water heater… and upright Freezer.

On north side of house

Guest bedroom #2 13 X 13 with part of room having a closet. Sherri wants 6/0 doors on ocean and north side.

Bathroom #2 – will be 10 X 6 with bathtub/shower. The east wall will share a space for linen closet from space provided from bedroom #3 closet. – Trying to plan an outdoor shower on north side of house ????

Bedroom #3 – is 13 X 11 using a common 2 foot wall for closet on bedroom side and linen closet on bathroom side (already noted).

Living Area – pretty much 23 X 32. Again noting the two feet taking out of southwest wall for built in space for TV, etc and sharing approximately 10 foot for closet in master bedroom. 

Kitchen on east wall will have the sink and refig – then an island with range and small “bar” area for informal eating. 

This is a start – will be open to any ideas / suggestions ….

Thanks for your help ….  

Blue Skies and Waters …. Alan and Sherri


Plan "B"

Larger view of Floor Plan - Each Square is approximately two (2) feet...

Houses We Have Seen and Like the Features


    We like this type of elevation and deck for our house .....                         Back view ... Kitchen Window .... like as well


Both Kitchen layout here with island and eating area .... Also a view of the high ceilings and front door!!!


Views of different doors ... We want to be about to both have a view and have as much functional doors for screens and airflow>>>>>


            Single door with screen                                                 Outdoor Shower